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6th Grade Homeroom


Welcome to the Middle School Science and Religion page for 6th, 7th, and 8th. This page will contain information throughout the year to help you find resources, keep up to date on projects and tests, and make sure you have all the supplies you need.



    Homework, Tests and Projects

** All homework will not be posted and students are still expected to write in their planners, but I will make every effort to put

labs, projects and tests in this section. I may not delete them right away, as some students may have missed assignments or tests due to illness.

Typed homework can be submitted to:


6th - Religion Test  - Friday, Feb 27th

        Religion Project - Wed, Feb 23rd

        Science Test - Thursday, Feb 26th



7th -    Religion - Gospel projects continue this week.  

         Science Project - Wed, Feb 18th - Presentations begin

                                        Presentations begin - *** there will be one day of 

                                                  class before presentations begin

                      Science Quiz  - Friday, 27th


8th -  Religion Test  - Wednesday, Feb 25th ** wanted to give a chance to restudy

                      Science Test - Friday, Feb 27th

**** Tests will be written in orange ****


Scholastic Book orders - use code H3JVJ for orders through (otherwise, bring in to school)


Religion 6, 7, and 8    



                          Bible Resource - Lookup chapters and verses
                          Lookup Information on the Saints


                  (Sadlier website, pick your grade level for study guides and games)


for 6, 7 and 8


                     (Textbook online!)

             (geologic time scale website)

            (put your time period in 

                                                   the search.)

Supply List

6th grade homeroom - Please bring 2 boxes of tissues in September. More may be requested throughout the year as needed.


Religion and Science (grades 6, 7 and 8) 

  • blue or black ink pens, red pens
  • 2-3 sharpened pencils at all times
  • 1 notebook:  Marble (200 pages - wide ruled) for Science (this CANNOT be shared with other subjects!) ** please note the cover will be decorated, so do not pay extra for a special picture on the cover. 
  • jumbo book sock for Science book
  • Religion book will need clear cover
  • colored pencils (box of 6 or 12) with small pencil sharpener
  • Glue sticks
  • highlighters
  • may use various colored pens (not markers, when directed)
  • tape 
  • loose-leaf
  • 1 1/2 inch binder for Religion (no notebook will be needed this year) with dividers. **Please note that this binder will be decorated so please do not get any expensive special binder. Dividers would  be helpful within the portfolio. A "view" binder is preferable so it is easier to make the cover. 
  • one simple folder - can be shared for take-home Science and Religion


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